Automatically scan calendar and add alarms

Is it possible ye two have shortcuts create and enable an alarm without inte4raction? I know at one point you could enable an alarm, but that would bring up the clock app and you could then toggle the alarm on.

What I would like to do, unless someone has already done this, is scan the calendar for certain events in the next week, and if it finds them, create and enable an alarm in the clock app. Since the clock app only allows repeat alarms based on at most a week schedule and I have events that repeat on non-weekly schedules that I need to have alarms for. (alerts from the calendar are not enough, especially if I have an 0800 appontment).

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OK, things are a lot better than they were last time I looked into doing this, this appears to be working, and then I added a personal automation to run this once a week. (the alert was part of the debugging, don’t include it)

This doesn’t seem to work as posted because the add alarm event ignores the date portion, so I have to scan every 24 hours and add alarms for the current day.

My husband was on swing shifts for a while, so every night I had a shortcut automatically run to check the calendar for the next morning to see if “first shift” was there or not. If it was, it set the alarm.

I found that having it run automatically every night worked perfectly fine, I didn’t need it planning out days in advance for me.

Yeah, running daily works, but I would actually prefer the alarms be set a few days out. Doesn’t look like it is possible,

Follow up, this actually does not work properly. Each time this finds an event it creates and enables a new alarm, even if the alarm with the exact name and time already exists. It also seem to generally require confirmation.

There is no support in shortcuts to delete an alarm or to check if an alarm exists, so I am a bit stuck as I do not think I can add alarms from the Mac. Frustrating,

Will you please be able to share this shortcut with me. Thank you.

Hi @lbutlr , will you please be able to share this shortcut with me. Thank you :pray:

sure, but it doesn’t really work. Hang on, let me lean it ups tad.


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Thank you @lbutlr for sharing this.