Automatically placing windows in the proper display while hooked up to a projector

At my work we follow the Agile/Scrum methodology. I am the Scrum Master and hold the daily standups via JIRA. As such I connect my Macbook Pro to a projector via a HDMI to USB-C adaptor, in a conference room so the team can see the JIRA sprint board. During the meeting I would like to take notes via my Macbook Pro as my handwriting resembles that of a chicken on steroids with a pen. I turn off mirroring and drag the appropriate windows back onto the Macbook Pro’s display and all is well. The issue is that I have to set this up everytime I run the stand up. Is there a way to automate the placement of these windows such that when I plug in the projector it automatically puts things in their proper displays for the meeting?



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There are many window management apps available, but if you want it to trigger on connection of a hardware device, that sounds like a job for Keyboard Maestro.


Yeah I was wondering whether I could use KM for this. I just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone else has already created the macro(s) to handle this.

They would always be unique to your set-up based on the display equipment, display resolutions, windows to be manipulated, personally desired layout, etc. But the top-level actions are right there in Keyboard Maestro to manipulate window sizes and positions.

Ok, thanks. I’ll check it out.

There’s a KM action that can copy the position and size of the front most window to the clipboard. I set up windows the ways I wanted them, then used that action to find out what exact numbers to use in the KM window position actions. Have fun!