Automatically fill-in username/password

Using shortcuts I have a workflow I use for time tracking, but part of it is going to a website and clocking in. Right now, I have shortcuts take me to the url, but I have to fill-in the username/password and tap sign-in.

I don’t know much about scripting, but is there a way to have it navigate to a URL, auto fill my username/password, and log me in?


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I don’t think Shortcuts would support this as it would raise multiple security concerns. Ideally the thing you’re tying to login to would have a “remain logged in” feature.

I’d recommend Keyboard Maestro for this and have used KB to glue together my own time tracking system (built in with my organization’s official system (Paycom). My solution exports time entries (date, billing code, comments, hours) from my time tracker into one blob of data (in my case; each time entry separated by a pipe character, each field separated by an em-dash). This blob can then be pulled apart in Keyboard Maestro using RegEx, then you can use KB to iterate over each time entry to go and fill the fields by clicking/tabbing/typing buttons/fields in your web-based time-tracking app. Liberal use of pauses is key for building KB macros.

Keep in mind that Keyboard Maestro is a Mac app, and they are interacting with systems other than the one the OP was asking about.

Indeed! The other commenters already noted it’s likely not something that can be achieved with shortcuts alone given the web form-filling aspect of the desired automation. I prefer to do everything possible in vanilla shortcuts, but sometimes it’s not possible.