Automatically enter password and print PDF?

Hello Everyone:)

I need some help:) I would like to export daily a few password protected pdf files from Apple mail to a specific folder where an automation would enter the password (I have the password and its the same for each file) and the file would be printed.

Is there any way I could do this. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated,

Many thanks,


Hi Jack

I don’t think that Preview or Acrobat allow you to script the opening of PDFs that are password protected as you can’t directly target the password field.

But you could do this with GUI scripting or using an app like Keyboard Maestro to open the PDF, pause, paste (or type) the password, pause again and then select Print from the File Menu.

That would allow you to automatically print PDFs by saving them in to folders where each folder was set up to use a different password.

Many thanks for your answer and your time! I will try it and get back:)

There are some terminal tools that could do this via home brew. Used to do it for some bank statements. The passwords always the same so I would use the tool to renter the password and save it with out one so I store and open in the future.