Automatically delete photos as taken

I have a special needs child that is obsessed with having his mother and I delete photos almost as quickly as he takes them. I’m wondering it there is a way to automate the deletion of the photos so I do not have to do it manually every 5-10 minutes. Any suggestions would be great.

Not fully automated, but you could create a Shortcut that deletes the last X minutes of photos. Pop a link on your home page for quick access and maybe that’ll suffice?

@sylumer would an automation that deletes all photos when someone opens the photo or camera app work? (Not familiar enough with the automation items in ios 13)

That is what I am looking for, if possible.

Yes, that’s simply an alternative manual trigger that could be used.

It’s always a manual trigger, that isn’t happening on a background schedule like the original request.

The nearest you could get to currently for scheduling is a prompt that you associate with a daily alarm or that you trigger when turning an alarm off. But again that’s nowhere near the every 5-10 minutes originally suggested. More a daily thing, which is why I suggested a manual trigger as that would be something to streamline the process for manually triggering every 5-10 minutes.

it depends then on what exactly triggers the request

is it the fact that he enjoys seeing you remove them, or does he want the camera roll emptied asap.

If the latter is the case you can automate deleting all photo’s when the app photo’s or camera starts

(not sure if that requires confirmation though, and not brave enough to try on my iPhone, sorry :wink: )

He just like the photos app empty. He used to do this on our DVR too. Talk about a frustration! Anyway, I may try using an old iPhone to test the opening of photo’s as the trigger. If I can get it to work on there then I may buy a newer iPad to do this. The one he has is older and doesn’t update to a new enough version of iOS. Thanks for the ideas.

please let us know how it went?

Sorry for the delay. Cannot get it to work.

Can you give me some tips on triggering this when the photos app is opened. I have a newer iPhone that doesn’t have a photo library on it that I can experiment with. Any help would be great.

Here’s an article from howto geek that shows how you get the shortcut to run when the app opens: