Automatically add signature and date stamp to PDF

Hello, all!

I am new to this forum and automating in general. Every week I have to print out paperwork and sign/date each sheet. Is there a way to automatically add my signature and date stamp (MM-DD-YY) to a specific place in a document? (Each sheet has a signature and a date line.)

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help!

  1. Do you have any PDF software other than the standard Mac software?
    • PDF tools often have functionality and AppleScript automation to support this sort of thing.
  2. Do the fields to be populated appear in the same place on every page?
  3. Do these forms have PDF fill-in fields for these data items?

There are lots of pieces of software that could help with this sort of thing. There’s PDF editing software, scriptable command line tools, robotic process automation tools (sending key presses and mouse clicks via Keyboard Maestro for example), and even some inbuilt system options (Preview has tools to help with signatures, Shortcuts could overlay a generated transparent PNG containing the date and a signature on each page).

  1. I do. I also use PDF Pen.
  2. Yes, the fields are always in the same place. Only the first page of each document needs to be signed.
  3. Unfortunately, no, the forms don’t contain fill-in fields.

Thank you! This gives me some food for thought.

On your original post you indicated all pages were for dating and signing.

Not an issue, but just to note if you have to do something different on the first page, any control logic for an automation needs to reflect that.

Take a look at the imprint scripts. That is the general approach of what you are wanting to do. You then need to tailor it to fit the needs of your particular form.

Thank you for your help! I will look into this!