Automatic WiFi Connection Monitoring Without User Confirmation

Is there a workaround for running shortcuts WITHOUT user confirmation whenever my device connects or disconnects from WiFi?

- I am troubleshooting my 2.4 GHz WiFi network 
- I have a shortcut `Check WiFi Connection` that gets and logs WiFi and cellular connection details 

- Since the Personal Automation for WiFi requires user confirmation before running, I cannot automatically log when my iPhone drops its WiFi connection
	- On really bad days, my 2.4 GHz network gets dropped frequently
	- I want to accurately count how many times the connection drops

- Is there a way around the user confirmation? 
	- How can I get my `Check WiFi Connection` shortcut to run whenever my connection drops?

- I do not have a dedicated iOS device to run as a Pushcut server 

Thank you!

Not currently. That automation trigger does not have the ask before running option.