Automated window opener project!

I am working on a motorized/automated window opener with some friends. We are trying to build some thing sleek and nice looking that people would want to have in their homes. Our plan is to use motors on either side of the windows to push up/down or move side to side. Hopefully add some sensors to keep it from accidently closing on things or trip if someone tries to come in through windows. We think there is an opportunity and a lot of creative things that can be done with it, especially in areas w/ moderate climates. One of the questions we are debating is using wifi vs zigbee for communication between device and app. With wifi devices becoming more reliable in terms of connection, is there a major benefit to using zigbee and hub vs just wifi these days? Particularly in this kind of project?
Also wondering how much success people have had with reliably controlling smart thermostats through their API w/ other programs. I am thinking of honeywell in particular. Other thoughts on the matter always welcome. Thanks.
Sorry if you ran in to this post on other sites. I am trying to get the most input I can get as quick as I can.
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