Automated shades?

I’ve been looking to further optimize my apartment and one thing that comes to mind is automating my shades (open at 7 am and close at 9 pm) but I haven’t found a solution that seems to fit.

Because I’m renting, I would need to retrofit my currently installed shades, which use a pull chain.

Has anyone recently automated their blinds?

I’ve not tried them myself, but I’ve come across the Soma options frequently in my internet searches!

I was within a few days of replacing all my blinds ($$$) with the IKEA automated ones when I saw this link for Soma. Absolutely brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?!

I’ve got 14 Hunter Douglas blinds that are controlled by a PowerView hub which is HomeKit compatible. I love this setup so far. Our Master bedroom blinds go down around sunset and go up after our AM showers. I also have some cronjob shortcut automations running in iOS 14 that check the weather before deciding if I the kitchen blinds close. Last is our TV room and I’ve added some automations that if the TV turns on during the day they close, and they go back up after it turns off. Well worth the investment in my opinion.

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Thank you for the response Rosemary! Checking out the Soma product now :nerd_face: