Automated invoice tracking in Airtable via Zapier

I’m trying to send the following pieces of information to an Airtable base to create a list of recurring invoices that I get for my business.

Service - Like Asana, Zapier, Slack etc
Invoice Date
Invoice Amount
Paid - Single Select Y/N
Attachment - For the PDF version of the invoice, if any

I’m having trouble figuring out how to parse the emails (in Gmail) and send the right information to the right field. Attached, is the copy of the format of the email and the Airtable base.

Ideally the Zapier Zap should be able to fill in all the fields in the table, except for the Paid single select box (which will be checked manually after it is paid).

Any easy way to do this?

You could use Zapier’s Email Parser tool to accomplish this if the invoice itself is within the email body. If it’s an attachment, I would consider using Hazel locally on your computer to work with the actual file.

How can we use hazel to parse the attachment and get relevant information out ?

You would need to have Hazel watching the specific Dropbox file and tell it what to look for to parse out (assuming it’s already OCR’d).