Automate Web Booking

Hi all

Looking for some help, I have a limited understanding of programming in general and I’m trying to learn it.

One thing I use which I think is a good use case is a webpage to book a gym session. It comes available at a set time, i need to rush to login to book a space before they are all gone.

Is there a way I can automate this so Python or Java logs in automatically for me at the right time and books a slot?

I know there will be a lot more to it but could anyone point me in a direction to start to figure it out?


You would be better off trying to update a system via an API, but there may be something you could (web) POST as a form request to do it. However, you need to know something about how your gym’ web booking system works. Also, if it has authentication, that probably takes the complexity up by at least a factor.

This sounds like a job for

I use it to automate some tedious tasks on Blackboard LMS.

Thank you both. I’ll take a look at the fake app and see if it will do it.

The bookings process is login via email and pass then subsequently navigate to the time slot and book.

From what I’ve read so far selenium will do the login piece but I am unsure as to how I would then automate the booking bit.

I’m not at Mac just now but I’ll have more of a look tomorrow and see what more information I can get about the site and also if that fake app will just take care of the issue.


Something that keyboard maestro might help with too , especially if you’re not so proficient with writing automation scripts : there are some easy way to trigger chain of actions in KM such as “click at found image” , etc…

Thanks Marc

I’ve looked at the and seems good as a way to learn it, I’m almost there with it just need to add a bit of js to get it to check availability, the problem I then possibly will face (and same goes with KM) is I need it to be automated at a set time so now starting to look at what I can do there.

Ultimately I want to use it as a way to learn to write a full script myself but equally I do want to sort it short term so hopefully I can get either fake or KM to do it.

For KM: time triggers

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