Automate things in a browser

Rosemary, I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this so I used a best guess.

I stumbled onto this tool a few days ago. It’s a browser extension (desktop, not mobile) that acts kind of like a macro recorder on Steroids. A little different kind of automation than we usually discuss, but it worked so well when I played with it for 20 minutes I figured I would share it.

I use similar commercial tools for a living, and this is quite good for free. I can’t vouch for the plan behind it, I’m guessing they plan to make a paid version with additional features?

Hmm…capabilities in practice look similar to … but maybe someone should do a real comparison of browser automation options … especially now that Shortcuts can also run JS on a page.

One should also consider bookmarklets. These are snippets of JavaScript encoded as a URL. One advantage they have is they can understand the structure of the page (namely the Document Object Model (DOM)).

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I looked at this one several years back for use with Chrome on Windows (I use Fake on Mac for automations). Seemed powerful, but so think I figured out an alternative for my particular need at that time.