Automate Things 3 Entry from Web/PC/IFTTT/Zapier

I am one of those people who use an iPhone, but am stuck on a PC at work. I’ve used Todoist off and on because they have multi-platform support, but very much prefer Things 3 because it’s beautiful and works better with the way my brain works.

The main thing I want to be able to do from my work PC is task entry - I’m fine with all other management coming by iPhone. I know Drafts 5 can be used as an entry point for Things 3, but it is also obviously iOS only.

Are there any cross-platform ways to get tasks into Things 3 using a similar approach to Drafts 5 in which I can automate task, project, due date, etc? Even if I can only enter the task itself, that would be fine. My fallback option is to connect my bluetooth keyboard to my iPhone, but I prefer something less fiddly.


You could use text file communication. Have Zapier watch a folder in your Dropbox for a new file, and when it finds it add it to Things. Then, you can use any method you can dream of to write that file into Dropbox at that location.

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I’ve just discovered TickTick and it might be the best of both worlds - it’s got a pretty nice UI similar to Things 3 and cross-platform support like Todoist. So far, I’m really liking it!

Do you take advantage of Things 3’s email entry? Sending an email to your Things email and it automatically goes to your inbox?

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I’ve never gotten into email to any task manager. Seems too fiddly to me and I don’t like the idea of being so reliant on email for my task management.

How about logging into iCloud on your PC web browser (assuming it is not blocked by your employer) and using the Reminders app; you can set Things 3 to automatically import Remnders from a particular list into the Inbox, which can then be updated once they are in Things. I do this on my PC and just have te Reminders window permanently open for quick entry.

The entries are very quickly automatically synched with Things 3 and then removed from your Reminders app so that there is not duplication of alerts.


That is a good idea, and I might try it if I find that I miss Things 3 enough. So far, I’ve been really happy with TickTick, so I’m going to roll with it to see if it sticks long-term.


I know this post is old but I just came across this post on Reddit. It works well as a web app to create tasks on Windows. Limitations are having to manually import the task on your phone.