Automate the search of Apple News?

When I find a paywalled web article that is included in my Apple News subscription… I’d like to automate the search of this article within the News app.

I didnt see any helpful Shortcuts or Actions actions. I suspect I may have to use keyboard maestro to manually open the app and use CMD+F?


There is very limited support for News in Shortcuts, no AppleScript support, and I doubt there’s any search support from URL schemes or from the command line (and where would Apple publicly document them?) if those other two automation approaches aren’t getting that depth of support.

I would imagine that creating a Keyboard Maestro macro may indeed be your best option in the circumstances.

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Last time I looked into it, you could just open the URL in News from the Safari share sheet. Not sure it works on Mac yet.

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This is a nice solution that works on both Mac and iOS, thanks.

Will find a way to automate.

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