Automate the choosing of and sending predetermined messages based on calendar events

Apologies ahead of time if this is a repeat question. I didn’t see any previous threads discussing this though.

I am wanting to build a shortcut that can look at the calendar to see if the current date is a holiday, and if it is a holiday then I want it to find the appropriate pre written text message for the given holiday and send it to all of the predetermined contacts.

I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible with he current Shortcuts build, but I’m also new at this and trying to Shortcut as much of my daily routine as possible.

Maybe this will give you some ideas?

I’ve added a menu at the start to allow you to choose between existing calendar events and generating a fake set of ‘event substitutes’. Run the fake ones to see it working.

It checks the all day event titles for the current day against a set of titles in a dictionary (you’ll find this around mid-way). If the title matches an entry in the dictionary, it’ll read in the message and then at the end it’ll send it … I’ve left the show when run on and no recipient so you can see what it is up to.

You could develop this to read content from calendar events. You could expand the dictionary to hold the contacts to send the message to for each holiday. There’s plenty of scope to take this in whatever direction you want.

Hope that helps,