Automate Sending of Email at specific time and date


We run online courses. At the moment I manually send an email 30 minutes before the start of the course to remind people to join.

The list of participants, their email addresses and times and dates of their courses, are in a google sheet.

I can write an automation (using Zapier or which sends emails to anybody in the Google sheet, but I would like to also have it send at a specific time and date which it finds in the row data on the Google sheet.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to do this?


Google App Scripting is your friend. I used to use a Google sheet to define advanced email rules and scheduled a job to process my inbox. Same components in play here by the sounds of it, and you can tailor everything to your specific needs; probably much more so than with the web integration platforms.

Note, if you need more specific timing, use an external trigger with the control you need and trigger via a webhook.

If you need to go down the web platform automation route using Make, etc. consider having another Google sheet that includes a send after time. Have the integration job read that sheet periodically, check for e-mail runs that have not been sent yet, but where the time has elapsed, and then send it. You could even use an Airtable query to drive it too. Afterwards, you just need to update the source to indicate it has been sent.

Hope that helps.

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That’s very helpful, I was considering using Make or Zapier, but I will have a look at the scripting you mentioned.

Thank you