Automate saving attachments from Outlook 2016?

At work I’m forced to use Outlook 2016 for Mac. Also, there’s a terribly short time period before email attachments disappear into a corporate (non-local) archive, although the email it was attached to remains available. The attachment shows up as 0KB.

I constantly need attachments that have disappeared, and retrieving them from the archive is a clunky process. So I want to automatically have all email attachments get automatically saved into a local folder when they come in, so I can just reference them locally on my machine if I need them.

Is there a way to do this?

If you have Office 365, you can use Microsoft Flow to save attachments to any of the connectors - Dropbox or OneDrive or Google drive

Let me know if you need the template.

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Do you use office365 at work? Because there’s a default action in Flow that saves all attachments for incoming email in a folder in Onedrive. (Which should be part of your office365 setup at work)

Wow, I had no idea about Flow (I use the Office products as little as possible).

It looks like it would solve my problem, but we actually use a hodgepodge of Office products. So while we do use OneDrive and the 365 versions of Word/Excel/Powerpoint, we’re still on Outlook 2016 with an old Exchange server. I poked around Flow and I don’t see a way to hook into it as far as I can tell.