Automate Reminders to Todoist

Anyone have a way with Siri Shortcuts or something similar to automatically pick up new reminders from the Reminders app, load them into Todoist, then remove the reminder from Reminders?

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You can do this with Shortcuts, though not automatic.

You can do this with IFTTT, though it’s more complicated to set up.

Yeah had a feeling those were only options so far. I think I heard iOS 14 might allow scheduling of Siri Shortcuts, but not sure.

Yes. This is true (I’m on the beta). At least for now. But it’s unlikely to be removed, so you can pretty much guarantee that you can do this stuff in iOS 14.

If I may ask, why are you trying to use Reminders as a Todoist inbox?

I was looking for the simplest way possible to consistently add a reminder using Siri from my watch, CarPlay, iOS, macOS without having to remember the shortcut incantation to invoke adding a task to Todoist using Siri Shortcuts. Sometimes it just doesn’t work from any device, especially with CarPlay (you randomly get an error about the app not being supported here, or not being able to interact with Todoist from this device).

It should work, and it seemed like a good alternative to not being able to change your default Reminders app, but it just isn’t reliable. Whereas adding a reminder to the default Reminders app using Siri, seems to always work, no matter what I throw at it, regardless of the device. It’s pretty great.

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Yeah, this should be easy.

  1. IFTTT: create a Reminders->Todoist automation. Probably already exists.
  2. Create a shortcut with “Find All Reminders” and “Remove Reminders”