Automate Referencing on iPad with Shortcuts and Zotero » The Appademic

This is for any students, or academics writing on iPad. I would just post the shortcuts themselves, but a little explaining is useful. I have more of these too, so please let me know if you need something specific, I may have already made a start


I just came across this and found your post and the shortcuts great. Thanks for posting them. I have a question for you — I came searching here because for some confounded reasons, I cannot get the bookmarklet to work reliably (current iOS on iPad Pro using Safari). Have you had any difficulty with it?

Hey there, I know this is a super old post (I’ve been on a self-imposed social ban, and forums were at the head of my list in answering the question ‘why do I not have enough time for my dissertation?’). However, I wanted to ask if you ever sorted out your problem wuth the bookmarklet?