Automate Podcasts Sleep Timer

I’ve been working on my sleep shortcut for a while now and I’m pretty happy with it. But there is one problem that is really irritating me. Part of my shortcut plays a podcast called Get Sleepy. I always turn on the sleep timer in the podcast app and I set the sleep timer to stop playing podcasts when the current episode ends. But I want to automate this. I don’t want to have to push the sleep timer button myself because I want to be able to just turn on The sleep shortcut and go straight to bed. The light from the screen is not good for your sleep.

Does anyone know how to automate this? I haven’t found any documentation in Scriptable for the podcast app. Or is there an alternative podcast app that I should use that does support turning on the sleep timer via Shortcuts?

There’s some basic sleep timer controls in Overcast that you can automate with Shortcuts. Might be worth a try.

Sounds great. I guess I’ll give it a try.

Do you use your timer iphone’s timer (under clock app) for anything else? I just use it for stopping what its actually being plaid. You can just creat a shortcut with 2 actions:
1- play podcast
2- create timer with x minutes.

It should work, unless you use your timer for something else

Except I’m looking for a sleep timer. A regular timer would wake me up whereas a sleep timer doesn’t make any noise at all. It just turns off playback after the timer is done.

The “Timer” iOS app (in Clock) can have its “sound” set to “Stop Playing” which just turns off whatever is playing when the time hits zero.


Interesting. That’s a cool feature that I never knew about. If only we could trigger shortcuts for when a timer ends, then we’d have scheduled shortcuts.

Be careful. I use the stop playing function in the timer for whatever is playing as I fall asleep. The problem is the next time I go to use the timer say for cooking or something that I need an actual alarm to go off, I often forget to switch it from the stop playing mode. This results in there being no actual alarm sounding at the end of my timer. I would much prefer A shortcut that is just for the stop playing.

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How you did this?