Automate Patreon Posts from an RSS feed

I’ve been wanting to automate making posts to Patreon when a blog post on my blog is published. I can get a trigger from RSS from IFTTT or Zapier, but there’s no API to then turn this into a Patreon post. I’ve been thinking about using keyboard maestro to do this somehow, but I don’t know how to trigger Keyboard maestro from either IFTTT or Zapier. Any suggestions would be helpful.

You could use a web service to write a file to Dropbox and “watch” a folder with Hazel or a scheduled Keyboard Maestro action which then triggers your posting.

An alternative could also be to schedule a Keyboard Maestro action to check the RSS every 15 minutes (for example) look for updates in the last 15 minutes or check against a last/published list, and then trigger a posting if required, based on that. I’d go personally go with a list just in case there are timing or network availability issues and better for manual testing.