Automate Bulk Message (iMessage on Mac)

I need some help if anyone knows how to this.

I have my contacts (phone numbers) in an excel list. There are 400 that I need to send a message to concerning a project. It doesn’t need to be personalized. Is there a way to run some script or something to auto-send the message to these select contacts in iMessage on my mac? I tried making the message as generic as possible.

I got tired after doing some group messages in portions of 20.


Hi. Sorry for briefness. I am on iPone and no access to my iPad. In excel you could export the email address to a CSV with a semicolon separator. Simply copy the email address column to a blank worksheet and export as a csv. Than open csv and cut and paste into to: or bcc: if you do not want to anyone to see the list

Hope this helps.


@DaveGates my apologies, I will re-edit my topic. I am trying to do bulk message in iMessage.
Bulk texting.

My brain jumped to email, I must be old:) I look forward to the answer. Lots of 3rd party marketing services do this but cost $$$$.

Not sure about Mac, but I had a thing like this working for “SMS Broadcast” using workflow on iPhone.

Made a .txt file with all phone numbers. 1 per line.

Create text for message, save it as a variable. Select file with phonenumbers. Split text on new line, create a repeat for each. Send message to number.