Automate Apple Credit Card Download

Not sure if this has been done before, but I can’t find it online.

I have an Apple Credit card (ACC) and I use Quicken for Mac. All of my other cards and accounts have an online sync which downloads directly to Quicken. ACC doesn’t have this option. You have to download a PDF manually and a QFX file (Quicken format) manually. The process is: going on my iPhone (can’t be done on a Mac), taping the balance, going to the next screen tapping on the month, then taping Download PDF Statement which I then save to a @scans folder on iCloud which Devonthink watches for PDFs and then imports in. I then have to do the same thing for export transactions and save it in QFX format. I then manually import this into Quicken and delete.

It’d be great to have a shortcut that runs on the 1st of every month to download the pdf and QFX file for the month. Thoughts?