Auto remove email signatures from emails I receive

Problem: Many people send me emails with long, visually-annoying signatures. They contain things like verbose confidentiality notices, logos, company metadata, slogans and monikers, sometimes in large fonts to boot. It makes reading unpleasant because often the signature content is longer than the body of the email itself.

Solution: Create filter or trigger or script or whatever that removes signatures from emails that land in my inbox.

Any pointers, sketches, ideas?

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Read your emails in plain text?

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Not sure

My email client is Spark and, after looking into it, it’s unclear to me if there’s an option to read emails in plain text - I emailed their support and am waiting on response

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Sorry for delay - Spark support and I had some back-and-forth

Me: Does Spark give the option to only receive the text version of an email

Support: So far Spark doesn’t have the option to create non-HTML/ plain text emails

Me: Is there any way to view emails I receive in plain text?

Support: At the moment there’s no such feature available in Spark. Could you please specify why would you like to display emails in plain text only? Does this apply to incoming emails mainly? Or would you like to create plain text emails?

Me: I want it to apply to incoming emails so I can set up a script to remove people’s signature lines because I find them too long and they annoy me

Support: Indeed, as for now, there is no such option, but thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will surely let you know once there is any news on this case

So I’ve yet to come up with way to stop signature lines of incoming emails from appearing

Coding might be necessary I guess, just thinking out loud:

Most people use Gmail as their email server and the signature line is its own field there so something must be possible here but maybe there’s nothing in Gmail API that permits email client devs from doing much with it or there are just too few use cases to justify a “see signatures of incoming emails” toggle