Auto-Correct and Auto-Capitalisation per Keyboard

I have a few different ways I input text on my Mac. One is a T9 predictive text macropad.

Typically I want the Mac’s automatic text-formatting features turned off, when typing on a standard keyboard or dictating, but I’d like to enable it for those settings for this T9 macropad. The macropad somewhat relies on these settings, especially the capitalisation, and enabling and disabling the settings as I connect and disconnect the device is frustrating.

It feels like, as there are rules, this should be automatable. Would anyone have suggestions for how to go about setting this up? I wondered about a Karabiner Elements rule, but I’ve never used the tool before. I couldn’t figure out if it was possible, much less where to start to give it a go.


I’ve managed to find a solution in Keyboard Maestro. When the device is attached/detached KM opens that pane in System Preferences and ticks/unticks the boxes.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it works!