Auto-convert iOS Voice Memos to MP3

I’d like to automatically convert Voice Memos recorded on my iPhone to MP3. It can either be done on my iPhone or after it’s dropped into a folder on my Mac. I know Hazel can’t do this, and I don’t think Shortcuts can either. Anyone have a suggestion for something that can work like Hazel to do this – where it monitors the folder for certain file formats and auto-converts?

Thanks in advance.

Surely Hazel could run a script with some sort of converter utility on the command line?

Voice memos are M4A files when exported. FFMPEG will convert to MP3 and can be called by Hazel to convert the file.

Like vincent_ardern said you could use Hazel to trigger the conversion by another app.
FFmpeg could certainly do the conversion or
You could use the app Permute which is available in your SetApp subscription if you have or you can get it from CharlieMonroe software. I tried it out and it works well. It even has an applescript dictionary so you could write (or find) an applescript.
Let us know how you proceed.

I’d love for this to be the case, but I’m not proficient in creating scripts from scratch. But I do know how to use Hazel to take a file and instantly open it in another app so it can be converted. I hadn’t thought about that. Thank you.

Really it is a one line terminal command than a script if you use the tool I suggested. There are lots of ffmpeg example commands available online for you to crib from. This rule I think should be straight forward for you to reproduce and works for me…

The command:

ffmpeg -i "$1" "$(basename $1)".mp3

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much. I think I can handle that.