Auto Appending Drafts via Shortcuts

Is there a way to have Shortcuts append a draft in Drafts without having the menu of current Drafts show up? I’m trying to avoid having to select the draft each time. I’ve tried creating a variable based on the title of the draft with either “Get Draft” or “Search Drafts” to no avail.

I am trying to build a quick capture Shortcut that allows me to dictate a note for later consumption. Another shortcut runs @ 10:00p to send all my random and daily thoughts to my email.

See if this helps.

Unfortunately not. It still makes you select the Draft from a menu.

The goal is have an automation run each morning @ 1am to create a new draft titled “yyyy-mm-dd” (this one works). Then throughout the day the “quick capture” Shortcut will find this draft, append it with my random thought, all without having to select the draft each time. Later in the day, a Shortcut automation will email this draft’s contents at 10pm.

Hopefully this helps explain my random thought process.

Ah okay, you should have been prompted once, but you hadn’t specified previously that the draft would vary over time.

Try this one based on the date stamp title format you specified. See if it is more what you want.

This worked thank you! I had something very similar but for some reason it wasn’t working.