Augment or Filter Text

This Keyboard Maestro macro is used to modify selected text or the clipboard text, if no text is selected. The text can be augmented* or filtered** in many ways. Here are three simple examples:

Task done  →  ~~Task done~~   (one of several Markdown additions)

"Hi there."  →  “Hi there.”   (dumb quotes converted to smart quotes)
local_KMvar  →  %Variable%local_KMvar% (variable name to variable value as text)

The macro has been designed to provide immediate additions (via dedicated hot keys) for those used frequently; whereas selection from two lists*** for those used less often.

*text additions can easily be added to the 34 initially configured
**text filters can be easily added to the 16 initially configured
***there is one list for text additions and one list for text filters

The following video includes four quick demonstrations of this macro:

By default, this macro is triggered using a hyper key (⌃⌥⇧⌘), plus letter T for general use, B for Markdown Bold, I for Markdown Italics, L for Markdown Links, and V for Keyboard Maestro variable to variable value as text. These can be changed (or deleted, or added to) for individual needs, but (some combination of ⌃⌥⇧⌘ modifiers)+T should be used for general use and (some combination of ⌃⌥⇧⌘ modifiers)+(other keys) should be used for the immediate additions.

Refer to the comments above the two text variables local_Additions and local_Filters for more information.

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Funnily enough, I usually wan’t dumb quotes when the world seems to be giving me smart quotes. I’m thinking, though, that “dumbing down” :slight_smile: quotes is easy enough.

Me too. :nerd_face: However, I normally like to be nicer to my quotes and call them Straight Double Quotes :wink:, but I’m using dumb in the macro to be consistent with the Keyboard Maestro Filter action.

The Augment (a.k.a. Addition) section of the macro includes Dumb Double Quote “text” and Dumb Single Quote “text” and the Filters section includes Convert all double quotes to Dumb Quotes.

But your comment has given me some ideas for version 2.0. :thinking: Thanks!

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