Attn iOS PWA developers - quick question for you

I recently posted about this issue on Stackoverflow and I’m wondering if any fellow PWA developers have come across this and if so, how did you fix it?

I have a PWA (specifically concerned about iOS Safari at the moment), where when I add the PWA to my homescreen, the page I was on when I added it shows up like a native app. However, when I navigate within the PWA (same domain just new pages) the URL bar shows up.

I have the necessary head elements in for showing a standalone (like I said, the initial page when I saved the PWA to the homescreen works fine).

Anyone have any thoughts?

What is “PWA”? I’ve no idea if I can add value here until I know what it stands for (and probably most of us are in that position).

PWA is a “progressive web app”. They can be created to be used offline and access certain device hardware even though they are running in the browser.

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Thanks! I’m aware of what a Progressive Web App is.