aText vs the rest

I have the aText app (non appstore version), Keyboard Maestro and also the regular keyboard shortcuts setup on my Mac. I don’t have KM setup with any expansion though. MacOS v 10.13.6.

My problem I have is that I can hear aText attempt to insert my expansions yet nothing fills in. This is in all apps. It used to work quite well so I’m not sure what has changed. Does anyone know if there is an issue with aText and others work better? I don’t know how to fix this or where to begin because my settings seem to be fine.

Should I just quit it and use something else? TextExpander is quite a bit more expensive than aText. :frowning: Would love to hear your opinions!

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I’m a happy aText user, but on El Capitan… No doubt you’ve done the power down and restart, so guess you’ve a conflict with some other application you’re running. If you click on aText in the Menu Bar (assuming you have it there) Tools —> Diagnostic… Otherwise show the aText application and then in the menu bar: aText —> Diagnostic… and any possible conflicts should be shown.

Another technique I use to debug this kind of thing, is to use the guest account — hopefully aText once started will work OK. Then start suspect conflicting software. Or you can Login to your own account in ‘Safe Mode’ by holding down the Shift key, to stop all the usual software loading.

If you find the issue, report it to the software developers and they may be able to fix it.

I’ve done that, although I should look again, but it always conflicts with a handful of running apps that we like here in the community. Is this just an issue with aText or all text expansion software?

I just moved over to typinator it has worked great.

I was checking out the website the other day. I really like how they can make forms. I was under the assumption all text expansion apps had this sort of issue due to changes in the OS. Will try out Typinator and KM.