Ask for type input when using Siri


I have created a small IOS Shortcut and it’s working well but one issue I am having is spelling certain names correctly.

If I find the name is difficult rather than dictate the name I would like to manually type it in.

I’ve tried using ‘Ask for Input’ but it’s listening and not bring up a text box.

Can this be done and if so how?

AFAIK you can only change that for every Siri interaction in the settings app, but not for individual questions. Though you can programmatically open the shortcuts app when it comes to entering a name, but there is then no way of going back to Siri.

How do you do that?

That could at least be an option.

  • Changing Siri to type to it every time: settings app > accessibility > Siri
  • You can automatically open shortcuts with the action Continue in Shortcuts App