Ask for Input on WatchOS Shortcuts?

I had a couple of Workflows really dear to me that I used to run on my watch - quick ways to enter data and get a result. For example, I used to have a Workflow which logged my weight by bringing up the numeric input on the watch - I cannot seem to do this using Shortcuts. Another one was calculating the tip on a bill using only my watch. If I bring up the phrase for this shortcut (which works on my phone), the watch simply says “I do not recognize that command”. Am I missing something here? If it is truly not possible to parse input from the watch - I think Shortcuts just took a HUGE step backward.


Update: I tried re-scripting these workflows to take input through speech dictation but even this doesn’t seem to work when it comes to the watch :disappointed:

I remember Siri Shortcuts doesn’t deal with variable via dictation (Viticci’s review). Maybe next version?