Area Specific Travel Automations or Apps?

I will be going to the Bay area for a conference. I have never been, but will be staying some extra days and I want to find some things to do. Anyone aware of apps or things that can help with planning? I mostly want to try to get out of San Francisco and get to some nature things in the area, but things I was thinking were nearby are nowhere close.

I can’t help you with automations or apps, but one of my favorite places just a bit north of San Fran is Muir Woods.

Have fun on your trip.

Well, I actually bought tickets to do that along with Alcatraz… but after the ferry and tour of Alcatraz, I was burned out for the day. We did go to some other redwood forests west of valley in the days before being in San Francisco, and that was awesome. I rented a Tesla from Hertz (that is what I drive at home) and the experience driving through the winding roads through nature was one of the best drives I have ever experienced in my life.

When I was travelling some years ago in Europe I enjoyed looking up places on
It would bring up some quirky little things to see, off the beaten track, which could be quite fun.

Roadside America is another such source of quirky attractions, and has an iOS app.