Are you guys reading my mind?

After listening to today’s episode , I knew that I needed to jump over in the forms and share…

My latest app of the day podcast episode, Toggl Free dropped after I listened to the journaling application episode on Automator’s.

My Day One episode dropped just before the journaling application.

And, I have another podcast called the Damashe and Michael, just talking Tech podcast, and the two of us just recorded an episode yesterday talking about time tracking and productivity.

So, I had to jump over here, and ask a quick question…

What’s the name of the app if you can share that was briefly mentioned, that sounded something like timer and diary combined…

Apparently it’s gone through some name changes?

As a completely blind voiceover user, I’d love to check it out hopefully to say that it’s very easy to use with assistive technology.

OK, so I honestly want to just check it out… :wink:

Loving Launch Center Pro is well! And my good morning shortcut that triggers my podcast listening Toggl to run before telling me the weather, rewinding overcast 30 seconds, and then playing a brief vibration before returning me back to launch center.

My life would be complete if I could replace the action of dragging my home bar up on my iPhone from showing me apples out of date springboard, two showing me the launch center application!

Alas, though, maybe IOS 13?

Oh yeah, Damashe and I chatted about Shortcuts in DM33 also, and how i’m leveraging time based automation to set alarms/disable all alarms based on when they’re ran and notifications with launch center when used correctly are amazing.

If you’re interested to hear how to blind professionals are leveraging the automation available on iOS.

Keep being more than amazing.



Hi Michael,

The app they mentioned was called “Timery”.

From what I could find, it’s being developed by Joe Hribar. It’s mentioned briefly on a blog post on his site from December:




thanks a lot for that information.

Keep being wonderful!


I promise we do not have listening devices installed in your house! :laughing:

What’s likely the case right now: we all thought of topics people would like around this time of year and there’s overlap. You know what they say, great minds think alike :wink:

However, I’m 99% sure we’ll see divergence in the next episode :angel:

@RosemaryOrchard thanks a lot for taking a moment to reply :slight_smile:i’ll excitedly await the next episode, and in the current time set up Timing.
One does have to be careful with not spending too much time setting up time tracking.

Keep being amazing