Are others having persistent problems with Shortcuts in the iOS 14.3 betas?

In addition to the persistent bug (dating to the original iOS/iPadOS 14 betas) with Spotlight-invoked Shortcuts with text input (in which inputted text is erroneously entered into the Spotlight search field instead of the Ask for Input field), I have experienced a worsening problem of stalled/hanging Shortcuts.

In most cases, I trigger these Shortcuts via Spotlight on iPad. Typically the drop-from-top Shortcut indicator appears, but does not advance—the circular indicator is stalled. Worse still, this hang then typically prevents other Shortcuts from running; there seems to be a kind of queue, so that if the original Shortcut finally runs, then a cascade of backed up Shortcuts follow on.

Sometimes quitting Shortcuts will break the hanging, but other times I haves to power cycle the iPad. Does anyone have any other tricks to reset the Shortcuts queue?


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Just to say, I also experienced this, even through 14.4. And not just for shortcuts run from spotlight— also seemed to be triggered by shortcuts run from a Home Screen icon. What seems to work for me is running the stalled shortcut again, which is a little less painful than rebooting the iPad…

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