Aqara temperature sensor

I have an Aqara temperature sensor in my freezer so I know if it gets too hot. I would like to create a notification if it stays above a certain temp for more than 10 minutes. The Aqara app has the ability to alarm if it rises to a certain temp, but with the freezer’s frost prevention, it frequently cycles higher that I would want to set my temp. See attached image to see how it cycles. Is there something I can do with Shortcuts or something else like homebridge that would allow me to only get a notification if it remains above say 20 degrees F for more than 10 minutes? The time may need tweaking based on how long the cycle is, but that’s about what I’ve estimated it to be.

This sounds like the kind of sophisticated logic around notifcations that usually is not built in to vendor apps. But Home Assistant can handle these kinds of multiple condition and logic to trigger its actions. So… I recommend Home Assistant.