Aqara motion detectors

Out of curiosity, can you add any aqara motion detector, sensor, etc to home kit without the hub. I already have hubitat and I dont want to add 3, 4 hubs in the house for no reason, but I like the idea of homekit more. Also, like the fact that hubitat for example is not in the cloud, everything is local (is a page on the web). I can add the sensors to hubitat, I was just curious if you ca add the sensors on homekit without the hub (i know it says you need the hub on the site).

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I’m not familiar with Hubitat, but I can tell you the Aqara sensors use Zigbee (same as Hue, Trådfri, and many others). However without the Aqara hub you will need to do something to get the sensor into HomeKit, I know HomeBridge is one way of doing this, but it depends on what you’re using as your hub.

I did find this documentation of Hubitat and Zigbee network creation, and Hubitat Zigbee details which might give you a starting idea.

Rosemary to the rescue again:)

So basically, homebridge would be the way to bring things into the homekit ecosystem on the mac which you will pair to with Home+ on the ios? Check out hubitat. its really crazy and I think that you can do all sorts of crazy things in terms of automations.
Paul hibbert has a video about hubitat if you want to take a look here is the link.

Thanks for everything and you are awesome:)