Aqara Hub question

I am looking at getting Aqara temperature sensors. I’m a little confused by the hubs. What is the best hub for that use case? I wanted to get the most up to date hub but they all seem a little different.

I have the M2 Hub for this purpose, simple to use, pairs quickly with sensors by giving voice feedback, shares into HomeKit. I’ve since moved on to a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant, but the simplicity of the M2 Hub is admirable.

Hub M2


They all do the same job. Reason I got the M2 is for the Ethernet connection. So I can have one less thing on wifi. If you don’t mind wifi, the M1S is cheaper and can be plugged on a regular power outlet. Cheaper more is the E1, which can be plugged on a USB power block.

That’s what I’ll probably go with. Thanks for the help!