AppleScript to troubleshoot Spinning Beach Ball with Activity Monitor

I am plagued with recurring Spinning Beach Ball lasting 15-30 seconds when I use KBM. Peter Lewis suggested I look at the activity monitor → KBM Engine when it happens.

When it happens, KBM is not active, so I can’t use macros. Would it be complicated to write an apple script to display or save the sample text. I would trigger the AppleScript as soon as I see a Spinning Beach Ball

I think that such a script would be of help to many users and apply to many apps. It would facilitate the exchange between users and developers to troubleshooting transient problems like Spinning Beach Balls

thanks in advance for your time and help

Rather than trying to manage the Activity Monitor app through key presses and whatever else it might require, can I suggest just using a shell script/terminal command?

sample 'Keyboard Maestro Engine' > ~/Desktop/sample.txt

This should put the sample output in a file called sample.txt on your Desktop. Trigger it within an AppleScript (if you must), an Automator service via keyboard shortcut, from Alfred/LaunchBar, etc.


fantastic ! I can use it for any problematic app. thank you so much !