AppleScript to navigate/toggle frontmost windows (app independent)

I often work in split screens, for example Scrivener window on the left, Chrome window on the right. Sometimes, 3 windows (example Scrivener on the left, Mail top right, Chrome bottom right)
I created KBM macros to quickly setup my screen configurations.
What I need it a keyboard maestro macro or apple script which would
1- toggle/navigate
2- between all (usually 2 or 3) FRONT windows
3- app independent (ie not Cmd-tick to navigate between windows of the same app)
Cmd-Tab is not a solution for multiple reasons, 1st and foremost because it becomes intolerable to have the app icons flash on the screen every time I toggle which can be as often as 10 times in a minute.
thanks in advance for your time and help

Maybe use a set of predefined screen coordinates, based on which quadrant of the screen an app would be in, to have Keyboard Maestro trigger a click on an app’s menu bar?

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great ! a perfect solution. thanks very much