AppleScript to copy UNIX path of currently selected file in Pathfinder to clipboard

It’s simple to copy the UNIX path of currently selected file in Pathfinder to the clipboard while I am in Pathfinder, but is it possible to create a script to copy that path to clipboard when I am in another app such as Bear or Evernote or Scrivener?
thanks in advance for your time and help

I don’t use Pathfinder, but in the Finder there’s a keystroke to copy the selected file’s Unix path (I think it’s command-option-c, but I’m not positive). I have to believe Pathfinder has done something similar, given that it’s supposed to extend the capabilities of the Finder.

Try this. It’s based on something I use in combination with Sublime Text, Keyboard Maestro (plus a bit of shell script) and my Stream Deck for processing a selected image file in Path Finder, and then inserting some details directly into my editor application; rather than onto the clipboard.

tell application "Path Finder"
	set thePaths to {}
	repeat with pfItem in (get selection)
		set the end of thePaths to POSIX path of pfItem
	end repeat
end tell

set the clipboard to item 1 of thePaths

Hope that helps.

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works perfectly !! you are a genius !!
thank you so much !

Hi, there is a misunderstanding. The problem is to copy the currently selected file in pathfinder to the clipboard when you are not in pathfinder, ie when you are in any app.
@sylumer provided me with a superb and far from obvious solution. He is brilliant !

if it’s not asking too much, how would I modify the script to copy the URL path instead of the UNIX path ?
thanks again

For example:

on run
    tell application "Path Finder"
        set selns to selection
        if missing value ≠ selns and {} ≠ selns then
            set urlString to URL of (item 1 of selns)
            set the clipboard to urlString
            return urlString
            return "Nothing selected in Path Finder"
        end if
    end tell
end run
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great ! thank you very much. I am very sorry for the delayed response.