Applescript, reminders and tags

Am I missing it or is it actually missing? I don’t see any way to add a reminder with a tag via Applescript. If I add the tag to the body it goes there (duh), but I can’t find a property for tags for a reminder in Applescript.



Tags is missing from Applescript, fingers crossed it will appear soon.

In the meantime, depending on your routine, you can add a Shortcut to the AppleScript to set the tag.

I described the process in this post.


Thanks. I was afraid there wasn’t any support but I wanted to confirm. I was hoping to avoid a piecemeal solution. No rush to complete it, maybe I’ll wait until the WWDC announcements. BTW nice blog, you should post more you put up great content.

Thanks for the compliment. I have lots of routines that I have developed I can share.

Next one will likely be my email triaging process, if I can ever stop tweaking it. :grinning: