AppleScript or other way to automate conversion of xlsx to csv

Is anyone using an AppleScript or know of another method to automate the conversion of xlsx files to csv format?

Backstory: My firm’s case management system sends out reports in xlsx format. I couple of these are contacts reports, which I want to import into the macOS Contacts app. Right now, I manually open them in Excel, save them as CSV files, and then import them into Contacts. If I could automate that, it would save me a few minutes every couple of days.

You could use gnumeric as a converter.


This specific answer from @sylumer’s link might be useful as well, and you can in automator (search in spotlight, or whichever launcher) trigger when a file enters a folder

Thanks Stephen and Inuk. I’m going to play around with this over the weekend, and see if it is above my understanding or not.

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