AppleScript or Javascript as a starting point

Hi all -

As I am wanting to get a bit deeper into automation I am considering where to spend my time. Since I am loving working in Drafts my initial thought was Javascript. Since I am using my iPad more and more for productivity, seems to make sense as Applescipt isn’t on iOS.

But then I listened to the episode with @Sal and it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t dive into AppleScript First. Does learning one make it easier to learn the other?

I am not a programmer, nor do I want to be. But as @MacSparky said, knowing some of this stuff will sure be helpful. And I am a pro user, just not a programmer.

What are your thoughts? I’m still leaning toward JavaScript for it’s iOS uses in Drafts (and I think Workflow?)


PS - wasn’t sure if this should go in Mac or iOS, so feel free to move it if you want to. Thanks/

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I think you should go with the one you will get the most utility out of. If you have a lot of plans for automation for Drafts you’d like to implement, you should start with JavaScript. If you primarily have ideas for the mac, AppleScript. It’s also important to note that JSA (JavaScript for Automation) exists although I have not found a lot of documentation explaining how to use it.

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I would highly recommend JavaScript, as well as Drafts you will be able to use it in OmniGroup apps (such as OmniOutliner and later this year OmniFocus), Scriptable, and it’s cross platform too.


Rose is there any JS support in the OF Mac beta yet? (I assume you are on it, right?)

Thanks everyone. I’ll start with JavaScript.

Anyone know of any good resources that are not focused on becoming a programmer?

Hellow, @Kayle.

I would recoomend “Learning Javascript” and an iOS app called “JS Code Run”.

I am not a programmer either and I am enjoying the book and the possibility of running all examples and exercises on my iPad through JS Code Run.

Good luck!

Thanks @Pedro - I will give it a look.

W3schools to get a foundation and then Wes Bos’ JavaScript 30 to really get a good handle.


Right. Javascript has such wide applicability - throughout the Apple ecosystem and far beyond. It’s probably the more worthwhile language to learn. And would more readily get you to eg Python than AppleScript would.

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