Apple Watch Sleep Focus Automation

I have been using a Shortcut that I trigger from my Apple Watch for several year now to put my Apple Watch into Theater mode and set the focus mode to Sleep before I go to bed. This worked great until iOS 14. Now it does some strange things. First off, after about 30 seconds my watch double-taps my wrist. Because it is in sleep mode I don’t know what the watch is trying too notify me about and there are no notifications waiting for me in Notification Center. Is this the watch just telling me the Shortcut has completed?

The other thing that started happening in iOS 14 is that when I enter the Sleep focus via the Shortcut is doesn’t completely go into Sleep mode. I can still access my standard watch face (which you can’t do in normal sleep mode unless you exit sleep by pressing and holding the Digital Crown). It’s almost like Shortcuts isn’t able to fully put my watch into Sleep mode.

Is anyone else using a Shortcut to enter the Sleep focus mode and having issues?

I use entering sleep mode (set by bed time on the phone) to turn on theater mode and haven’t had a problem. Mine’s a little different than your case.

After some troubleshooting I came to realize that entering sleep mode via shortcut does not have the same result on the Apple Watch as going into sleep mode from the Apple Watch itself. I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional but Sleep mode is very different depending on whether it is set manually from the watch or from a Shortcut. I suspect this is just a bug…an annoying bug.