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Im would like to find a solution for getting my “today” task from things 3 into Craft notes in the daily section, im guessing the way is to extract them and add them to clipboard and then paste them into craft, but im not good at applescript and cant finde a way to do it in shortcuts, any one have an idea or solution ?

I had a similar problem that I solved in my Create Daily Journal Entry shortcut. In that shortcut, I include the tasks from the Things 3 logbook in my journal entry in Day One. Since there are no actions to pull data out of Things 3, I created the shortcut to accept text. I select the tasks I’ve completed for the day in the logbook, tap the share sheet, and share that text with the shortcut. The shortcut strips out the checkboxes and dates from the tasks and creates a bulleted list of what I’ve accomplished for the day in my journal (along with a bunch of other things it does).

I think you could use the same strategy here, except you’d select the entries from the today view in Things 3, share them with your shortcut, and have your shortcut create a new entry in Craft with those tasks that were input to the shortcut. You’d probably want to keep the text boxes but remove the dates from each task. You can take a look at the regex I used in the Replace action to strip out the dates.

You won’t need any Apple Script for this solution.