Apple Maps url schemes?

Is there any (easy) way to link with an URL Scheme to Apple Maps but also force Apple Maps (open for e.g. London) starting the supported 3D Flyover Tour?

Going to London would be this:

URL scheme:
and in satellite mode for e.g.

URL Scheme in satellite mode:

But how to open/force 3D mode or even to start the Flyover Tour automatically?
Is that possible with URL Schemes?

Any other easy way or also much more complicated/sophisticated way to achieve this, or not even possible to do that at all (at least at the moment)?
(Maybe also not possible because of security/performance reasons?)

All suggestions / thoughts are welcome. Thanks

The latest devloper docs online focus on the mapping APIs and not so much on interapp communication via URL schemes from what I can see.

The only URL scheme reference that I could find was this one, and it doesn’t list any parameters that would do what you want.

Thank you.

Guessed already that it won’t work with actual Url Scheme.

Any other possibilities to achieve that you can start a Flyover Tour automatically?

I also tried if Siri might be “clever“ enough to get it done with a simple voice command but it seems not implemented.

A little bit disappointing that you can not just invoke a Flyover Tour with Siri
or just with an URL Scheme Link…
( I wondering what is the sense of invoke satellite mode for example but not be able to do it with 3D mode / or a Flyover Tour)

Can’t imagine anything else unless an app could hook into it directly via the mapping APIs - I didn’t dig that deep and it would require you to develop an app.

I would imagine it hasn’t been used enough to warrant any resources being dedicated to developing an interaction you can call. There’s always so much that could be done, but so much less that you can actually do with the time and resources actually available.