Apple Mail - Sanebox - Spamsieve Applescript

I recently subscribed to Sanebox. I also use Spamsieve for spam filtering. In order for Spamsieve to work with Sanebox, there is an AppleScript that must run to check for spam messages in the @Sanelater folder.

I can run this AppleScript as an application in my dock, but it seems like there is often a delay before it removes the messages. So, I was hoping to use Keyboard Maestro to run the script constantly.

I used the following KM macro, but I don’t think it’s working for some reason.

Can anyone suggest a better method for constantly running the script?

Thanks much.

Why not add something to log when it is actually running and find out what is going on? Without knowing what the issue really is, you might just be moving it somewhere else.

I don’t know if this would solve your problem but you could have Hazel monitor your inbox and run your AppleScript anytime a new message is received (see sample Hazel rule). The sample rule monitors your INBOX.mbox folder which is located in one of the Library–>Mail–>V4 subfolders. I had to poke around to find it on my computer.

I hope that helps. Also, I am curious about your AppleScript that helps with email spam. Please post it if you are willing. Thanks.