Apple Health Export Shortcuts?

Does anyone have Shortcut examples exporting data from Apple Health? I would like to export a little bit of data everyday to DayOne. Steps, Distance walked, Workout Maps, … .

Any examples would help.

It looks like there are quite a few examples already exist on the forum. Have you already taken a look at them yet?

@sylumer I had looked but I used the wrong search term. I used “Apple Health Shortcuts”. I will dig further.

There is actually an app for that! (surprise!) Health Auto Export for iOS and macOS exports health and fitness+ data in a CSV or JSON format… I use it quite often to produce records for doctors and whatnot

Yes! I use it to automatically sync to Strava (something that isn’t built in for some reason…) so my coach can see my progress

I thought Strava had Apple Health integration (I haven’t used it in a while)… Depending on what you use Stava for, you might want to look at the WorkOutDoors app…

Charty iOS app also has some health app examples which I was impressed with.