Appending Formatted text to Apple Note via Shortcut - Managed to do it but I am struggling!

Dear all

I have now spent about dozen of hours to make this work, and I managed it, to some extent.

I initially started with Makrdown, but i just can’t get it to work right. I can’t just do Heading + Bold text, it doest work, it has to be title, heading 1, heading 2…

Markdown << Shortcuts

I then started to do it in HTML, and this is much better and I think this is the only way to do it right now. I can now control what text and in what order gores, however I can’t figure a way to do a Sub-Heading. Is it possible to accomplish?
<< HTML << Shortcuts

Kindly, would somebody be able to assist me here? Thank you so much.

Which part didn’t work for you with the markdown? You should be able to use # to set title and then additional for each heading and subheading

I guess there’s no markdown or html tag that would convert to a Notes subheading. I did some tests, H1 becomes a title, H2 & H3 are headings and H4 and above becomes body.

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